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Our story dates back to 1997, a hot day in Papa's back yard.  We began cutting up the metal barrel, sanding the rust from the boat trailer and assembling  the wheels, boy was it hot. I remember doing inventory,  and pop saying "son make sure

to buy enough charcoal and hot dog buns". I will never forget our first job.

In the city of Brentwood, Md., their community day. Pop said "you bag and collect the money", while he did  the cooking. Team work at its best, how I miss those days. Pop became another angel in 2007, however he left an unforgettable amount of experience with his family.

In 2016, we purchased our first mobile food unit and in

2021 our first commercial property. Now the home of Papa's

chicken and ribs catering and carryout business

We're a different type of catering company, which offers

an array of services at a fair price. To Include a class (A)

catering service, business promotions and our mobile food unit services. WE DO IT ALL! 


So, if you are ever in Martinsburg, WV. and need a good pull pork sandwich or an event catered. Please stop by our

location or look us up on our website to request our services. 


Remember to always check our website calendar for the date, time and locations our Mobile food Units are out. Remember, it’s our commitment to "DO IT RIGHT EVERY TIME."


We thank you for your patronage.

From the family of Papa's Chicken and Ribs to yours;


In Dedication to our fathers:  Samuel Sutton, John Montford  and uncles:  Eugene, Johnny, Jim,  Buddy  & Larry.




I'm a description
I'm a description